iOS App Development

A great phone deserves great apps. We specialise in developing iOS apps that are not only high on performance but also on usability. Our team of dedicated application developers work with you at all stages, turning your imagination into reality while touching it up with our own exquisite features. We design a multitude of iOS applications and specialise mainly in the following:

  • Simple and Complex Business apps
  • Educational iOS and iPod apps
  • Finance iPhone apps
  • Health, Fitness and Medical iOS apps
  • iOS Applications dependent on Accelerometer
  • GPS based apps, mapping location services
  • Push notifications and in-app purchasing (mobile-commerce)
  • Social Networking iOS and iPad apps
  • Productivity and Utility

Apps for Android

The smartphone OS that captures the biggest pie of the worldwide market has an unimaginable reach. Android’s unmatched accessibility and ease of use makes us challenge ourselves more and more to design and develop apps that further adds to the system’s popularity. For developing a creative and excellent business application, our team employs comprehensive study of your business and adds a plethora of extra functionalities.

Windows Application Development

Windows phones are making quick inroads into the new age users’ lifestyles. Our developers and programmers develop custom made applications using the latest Windows Mobile SDK, with constantly upgrading their knowledge simultaneously with every Windows update. Whether we develop the console or graphical user interface application, we make sure we use the latest technology to stay one step ahead of the consumers’ demands.

Web Design

An awesome website provides the necessary first impression every business needs to make with their customers. As the internet access grows exponentially with the surge in smartphone and tablet users, businesses stand numerous opportunities to reap in the benefits. Our team helps you design websites that are not only comprehensive and yet to the point but also light weight and quickly accessible. We have excelled in responsive web designing and create a positive user experience through web pages that are optimized for different form factors.

Mobile App Maintenance

Developing an amazing mobile app is a continuous process. What renders it useful in the long run is its constant up-gradation and maintenance. We help you listen to your customers and convert their complaints and suggestions into welcome opportunities to create a dedicated follower base for your applications.

We help you in:
  • Online reviewing and testing of apps
  • Upgrading apps at regular intervals for every new version launch of OS
  • Solving bugs and errors in codes
  • Design aspect of app personified
  • Analysing app from start-up
  • Leveraging market stats through optimizations in app
  • Renewal of various factors that append on timely basis

Mobile App Testing

Providing a glitch-free application defines a business. We make sure that all our developed applications function exactly as they are supposed to. Software development is a complex process with changes occurring throughout the project life cycle, and we’re always there with our clients during each of those changes.

Our advanced QA involves testing of:
  • Functionality
  • Integration
  • System
  • Efficiency
  • Usability
  • Bullet
  • User Interface design
  • Navigation
  • And much more

Embedded systems

Complete solutions in embedded systems and system level programming is yet another forte of our team. We design and develop for embedded systems that span many CPU architectures, chipsets and peripherals across a variety of platforms. Custom software including device drivers, firmware, board support packages, Networking and Communication software, Digital Signal Processing, Security Applications, Real-Time Embedded Systems, Asset Tracking with GPS, Data Acquisition Systems for power grids are just some of our many areas of expertise.

ui ux

Whenever it comes to UI/UX, the ‘U’ i.e. users are always at the centre stage. Be it a website or an application, the User Interface plays a vital role as the users expect it to be helpful, easy to understand and navigate, and work enabler. Our UI/UX professionals invest enough time and efforts to create delightful intuitive digital experiences every time.

A perfect balance of technical functionality, visual elements and ease of usage results is what we strive for. Through our understanding of design, human behaviour and technology, we help you communicate the uniqueness of your brand through UI/UX.